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Committed to making a positive impact everywhere we meet. 

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Through our continued membership with IACC, our venue pledges to support and serve as an ambassador for IACC’s Better Tomorrow social impact initiative.

IACC’s significant global footprint and the nature of our core business, bringing people together, allows us an opportunity to make a positive difference every day as stewards of socially accountable practices.  We have the power to help create a better world, everywhere we meet.

As part of our pledge we undertake to actively support the core tenets of IACC’s Better Tomorrow plan. 

Our People

One of IACC’s greatest resources is our depth of knowledge as thought leaders in creating successful outcomes and experiences for small to mid-sized conferences, meetings and training.

IACC COMMITS to educating and sharing ideas across our membership and the industry at large on the importance and value of embedding social responsibility into the overall meeting experience. 

Our Community

Healthy and vibrant communities are at the heart of everything we do, each one contributing to our global network. We have a responsibility to improve and enhance the communities where we live, work and meet. Diverse and inclusive environments result in better meetings and a better world. IACC commits to creating a culture of diversity and equality everywhere we work and everywhere we meet.

IACC COMMITS to improving the communities where we meet, through support of:

  1. Diversity, inclusion and equity

  2. Local charity and civic groups, local vendors and business partners

  3. Sharing of our time and resources in IACC’s worldwide community


Given our role as the world’s leading collection of leading meeting and training venues, IACC is committed to having an influential global impact by creating and supporting sustainable practices and developing strategies for eliminating food waste. Further, we must share these changes across the business events industry, working toward creating a higher standard for hosting events by enhancing the environment everywhere we meet.

IACC COMMITS to serving as responsible stewards of the planet’s precious resources in every way possible. This includes a promise to reduce food waste everywhere we meet, contributing to our bid to help end world hunger.   

Exclusive to IACC Member Venues: pledge to support and serve as an ambassador for IACC’s Better Tomorrow global social impact initiative.

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Committed to making a positive impact everywhere we meet:

Chubb Hotel & Conference Center
Fagerudd Konferens
Flik IBM Gerstner Center for Learning
The Merrill Hotel
Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Sigtunahöjden Hotel & Conference
Wyboston Lakes

Call to action - share your best practices

IACC is building a Knowledge Hub featuring a collection of resources for venue and meeting professionals in all aspects of social responsibility: wellbeing, diversity, environment and community giving. What are some of your best practices? Tell us here

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