What’s Next; Starts Now: The Trends For 2021 are about People! - 60 minute webinar

Add to Calendar 11-Feb-2021 11-Feb-2021 What’s Next; Starts Now: The Trends For 2021 are about People! - 60 minute webinar

11 February 2021- 08:00am PDT / 11:00am EDT / 16:00pm GMT / 17:00pm CET

About This Webinar

Janice Cardinale, Cardinale Creative is an IMAGINEAR whose talents draw upon her insights built over 34 years as an entrepreneur. Her core passion is helping others to build their brand, contributing creative content, marketing and consulting. Her leadership, energy and enthusiasm for the event industry has been rewarding, but the students who contact her for advice are what make her grateful and give her the fuel to share and collaborate consistently with her peers and colleagues. 

A year ago, we were all looking forward to the next decade to lead us into happiness, health and prosperity. A year later, we have experienced, loss, resilience and survival. Not exactly the prescription that we would have filled for ourselves. However, the changes that manifested all event professionals helped us to transform our ideas, relationships and businesses for the better. So what will our future look like by the end of this decade. How will we survive, cope and adapt to new technologies, hybrid and live events in the future?

In the past we referred to trends as a hot list of idea’s but those trends are no longer important. Why? Because people were used to being told what the trends were, rather than feeling apart of them. The future of the event industry is about people, security, technology, safety and making choices. Let’s take a deep dive into what’s next so that you are prepared to start this next year off with what’s next that you can start now.

Learning Outcomes

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