IACC Quality Standards - A Promise to Customers

Conference Centre Design and Priority of Business

Each and every IACC member conforms to a extremely high set of criteria to ensure it is a very best example of a conference centre able to offer the renowned IACC Meeting Experience known so well by Meeting Planners globally.

An IACC member venue will have proved to IACC that it is fit for purpose in all respects to its focus on small to medium sized conferences, meetings and training and it has further demonstrated that the meeting environment, the services and facilities provided are designed and operated for their primary purpose.

An IACC member venue will always be well maintained and operated by skilled staff including dedicated meeting planners, all who are able to support the critical needs of conference attendees and meeting delegates.

Technology and Services

An IACC member venue will be able to demonstrate that the technology offered meets the standards expected in a modern meeting environment and must demonstrate a program for maintaining the currency of the technologies offered.

An IACC member venue’s available technology will include wi-fi and/or wired internet access with appropriate high speed bandwidth to all meeting rooms, guest bedrooms, food and beverage and social areas.

Customer Service

Staff at a IACC member venue include skilled dedicated conference planners, proficient in effective meeting room set-ups, menu and special event planning, conference technology equipment and related services. Staff carry the ability to meet the needs of meeting organiser's and guests.

An IACC member venues demonstrate that they have in place a process to collect customer feedback from meeting planners and delegates and that it uses the feedback to deliver improvements and enhance the meeting experience.

An IACC member venue will always demonstrate a commitment to staff development from job specific training to management and leadership development, which supports the staff and promotes a culture of learning on how to improve the customer’s meeting experience.

Guest Rooms

An IACC member venue will provide guest rooms (not applicable to non-residential centres) which have the comfort and facilities required for relaxation and also a adequate working area which includes a desk or table with a hard surface, a comfortable chair; adequate desk or table lighting. Guest rooms will have telephone and simultaneous high-speed internet connectivity; and adequate number of easily accessible power outlets.

IACC member venues provide guest rooms, which are separate from conference and leisure areas to allow maximum privacy and comfort.

Food and Beverage

An IACC member venue will offer flexible dining facilities for meeting groups, and will demonstrate a clear understanding of the food an beverage required to support outstanding meeting experiences, including healthy eating and networking friendly service styles in a range of dining environments and service.

All 350+ IACC member venues in 20 countries confirm to a 60+ set of criteria, which are in place to ensure that the above promises can be delivered up for every delegate attending a meeting at a IACC Certified Conference Centre.

Exceptional meetings. Powerful connections.