Kloudspot is an access-point-agnostic platform that informs real-time decision-making to improve customer loyalty, accelerate sales, and enhance the customer experience all from within a single drag-and-drop dashboard. The Kloudspot customer journey, including Understand - Analyze - Engage - Influence stages, can be accelerated at any point in the Kloudspot connection lifecycle.

Where We Focus and Our Value?

Kloudspot is a software-based, customer engagement platform that is powered by the KloudInsights situational analytics intelligence engine to provide accurate and actionable events within: Hospitality, Retail/Open Retail, Healthcare, Stadium/Events, and more. The platform is agnostic to virtually any enterprise-grade access point and transforms it into a bi-directional intelligent marketing experience for sales, marketing, and business owners.

Why Is This Important Now?

Kloudspot provides real-time information on user demographics via KloudEngage to improve service levels, employee productivity, and the overall guest experience. Insights based on footfall, dwell time, and movement baseline help increase sales volumes and customer loyalty, while reducing marketing and legacy software license costs. Customers report a significant improvement in employee productivity within one week of installing and on-boarding Kloudspot.

How We Deliver a Superior Experience?

By applying KloudDisplay and KloudAware technologies, users can deliver targeted and impactful advertising to their guests. An easy-to-use dashboard provides pre-defined vertical-specific rules, policies, and actions. Alternatively, offerings can be customized to suit specific needs through a kloudlet/widget based drag-and-drop workflow. The entire process can also be pre-scheduled to create a set-it-and-forget it experience.

Key Contacts

Ravi Akireddy, CEO/Founder


Communications Technology,Mobile Technology,Web-based Services


39465 Paseo Padre Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538


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