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Commitment to Wildlife Conservation

Venue Name

De Vere Beaumont Estate

Contribution by

Napat Chumnumpan



Area of sustainability (i.e. food waste, single use plastics)

Wildlife Conservation

What were the objectives of the Social Responsibility or Environmental initiative?

The objective of our initiative is to enhance and protect biodiversity at De Vere Beaumont Estate. We aim to create and maintain habitats that support a variety of local wildlife species. This includes planting wildflower meadows, managing woodlands, and providing spaces for bees and other pollinators. By doing so, we contribute to the local ecosystem’s health and encourage environmental awareness within our community.

Detail of project

At De Vere Beaumont Estate, we make the most use of our 42 acres of grounds to support wildlife conservation. We have created habitats that support pollinators such as bees and butterflies by planting wildflower meadows. Our garden team actively manages our grounds, ensuring they provide suitable habitats for local wildlife. Additionally, we have installed bug hotels, hedgehog houses, and beehives. We also provide wildflower seeds to our team members and guests to promote biodiversity beyond our estate.

We have installed wildlife cameras around the woodland to observe and study the behaviour of local wildlife, helping us better understand their needs and how to protect them. We also hold monthly green team meetings to discuss sustainable practices, ensuring that everyone on the estate is informed and knows how to implement these practices themselves.

Stakeholders involved

People and Culture and Garden Team

How did the project meet the original objectives and what were the successful outcomes?

The project has successfully met its objectives by significantly increasing local biodiversity at the estate. The wildflower meadows have thrived, attracting numerous pollinators. The installation of bug hotels, hedgehog houses, and beehives has not only supported insect and small mammal populations but also raised awareness about the importance of these species. Our efforts to provide wildflower seeds have encouraged our team members and guests to contribute to conservation efforts. The wildlife cameras have provided valuable insights into the habits of local fauna, helping us to further tailor our conservation efforts. Overall, our initiatives have created a more sustainable and wildlife-friendly environment at De Vere Beaumont Estate.

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