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Area of sustainability (i.e. food waste, single use plastics)

Community Giving

What were the objectives of the Social Responsibility or Environmental initiative?

Community Giving

Project summary

The creation of a hotel family cookbook with the sale proceeds going to a local foodbank.

Detail of project

There were 195 recipes submitted by hotel employees. They were comprised of traditional cultural foods, or family traditions. Each recipe was accompanied by a background story from each employee. In addition, some favorite recipes from our restaurant chefs were added. Over 200 cookbooks were sold with $3,000 in proceeds going to Nourish New Jersey, a local foodbank.

Stakeholders involved

Hotel owners, Benchmark Hospitality, employees, Nourish NJ, Nourish NJ clients

Impact on stakeholders

Opportunity to give to local community for the hotel and its employees. Funding to a local foodbank to support their community outreach

Companies or partners who contributed to the project

Benchmark Hospitality, Verizon, Nourish New Jersey

How did the project meet the original objectives and what were the successful outcomes?

The project raised $3,000 for a local charity

How were objectives and outcomes measured?

Cookbook sales

What you would do differently next time

Start earlier to allow for more employee participation

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