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De Vere's Volunteering Campaign

Venue Name

De Vere

Contribution by

Frazer Gander



Area of sustainability (i.e. food waste, single use plastics)

Volunteering and engagement with local community

What were the objectives of the Social Responsibility or Environmental initiative?

To develop De Vere's relationships with charities and local communities also making reference to the unique leap-year by giving this 'extra day' back.

Detail of project

In 2024 De Vere have made a commitment to donating 2,000 colleague volunteering hours of to local causes. We kickstarted this annual target on 29th February 2024 to recognise the leap-year, encouraging as many of our team members to volunteer on this specific day.

Stakeholders involved

We achieved a wide spread of De Vere colleagues within this project across all 8 hotels/venues and the central team. On 29th February 2024 this included 108 colleagues in operations, sales, marketing, people & culture, maintenance, grounds and spa, spending time volunteering for different causes.

Companies or partners who contributed to the project

Partnerships with key charities and community groups have included Windsor Food Share, Willow Foundation, Battersea Dog's Home, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Cotswold Lake Trust.

How did the project meet the original objectives and what were the successful outcomes?

We achieved 452 hours of volunteering on 29th February 2024. Since this launch event, we have volunteered a further 144 hours with many more events in progress throughout the year to achieve the 2,000 annual target.

What you would do differently next time

Ongoing discussions with key charity partners to ensure key events are planned throughout the year and communicated to interested colleagues well in advance.
Sponsorship of the initiative at a senior level to recognise the positive impact the project has on overall colleague engagement.

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