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Carbon Footprint of Meetings

What were the objectives of the Social Responsibility or Environmental initiative?

Net Zero Carbon Events: An industry initiative to address climate change

Project Summary

Events drive industries and societies. They shape conversations, foster innovation and generate business. They are key to human collaboration.

Detail of project

Sustainable development has long been a focus for the events industry. Connected to programmes like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Guidelines (UNSDGs), industry initiatives have addressed everything from waste management and energy conservation to local sourcing and hiring practices. The principles of sustainability are now firmly imbedded within industry practices and client expectations.

Stakeholders involved

IACC is a supporting organisation, appreciating the need to define a clear and global set of measurements and goals for the industry.

Impact on stakeholders

Events industry has a new zero carbon footprint left by the year 2050.

Companies or partners who contributed to the project

160 meetings industry partners and associations globally.

How did the project meet the original objectives and what were the successful outcomes?

Why should my organisation participate? Climate change is an existential threat to our society and, therefore, to the events industry. Action on climate is related to the continuity of our industry, of our business. As a complex network of many organisations around the world, it is important that the whole events industry is represented in the drafting of the commitment and development of the initiative. We recognise that there are many different perspectives and priorities and that some organisations are already advanced in their carbon management practices while others are just embarking on the journey. This initiative will endeavour to reflect this diversity.

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