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Sustainability Awareness

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Maria Griffiths


United Kingdom

Area of sustainability (i.e. food waste, single use plastics)

Team Engagement

What were the objectives of the Social Responsibility or Environmental initiative?

Increase green education and awareness within the business

Detail of project

Etc.venues has recognised that with new and changing team members there needed to be an enhanced sustainability educational focus for the company in all various areas of sustainability to elevate team’s knowledge and engagement. Number of training modules were designed by the Green Team and published on the company’s training platform for all teams to undertake. The areas of education through 2023 and 2024 so far included food waste, water waste, energy consumption reduction, and many others.

Stakeholders involved

We have achieved a company wide training programme of five modules so far reaching over 500+ team members across all areas of the company. The Green team is committed to continuing on this journey.

Companies or partners who contributed to the project

Special thanks go to the Green Team for designing the modules, our P&C team for ensuring these modules make their way onto our training platform, and of course our teams who participate in all the training.

How did the project meet the original objectives and what were the successful outcomes?

There is certainly more awareness within the team and sustainability is now part of our business strategy. Additionally, with the ongoing focus on enhancing sustainability awareness the Green Team are launching a dedicated internal communication channel that will keep our sustainability agenda visible to all on a regular basis whilst enhancing awareness.

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