Committed to Brilliance – Comfort and Wellbeing

With the average employee spending upwards of five hours per week in meetings – extending to 23 hours on average per week for senior executives, ensuring delegate comfort is an essential consideration for event planners.
If attendees leave having spent the day fidgeting in an uncomfortable chair, taking their coat on and off due to fluctuating temperatures, or squinting at a screen, your meeting won’t be productive. Indeed, with 91% of event planners measuring the success of their events on attendee satisfaction, comfort is key.

Posture and productivity go hand in hand. Every IACC venue has invested in ergonomic chairs, offering each individual the ability to adapt their posture and positioning to ensure their comfort throughout the meeting.

Imagine sitting through a meeting being too hot or too cold without the ability to do something about it. In-room climate control in conference and meeting rooms mean you can adjust the temperature to meet your needs. Likewise, every IACC member venue has lighting controls to enable zones lighting so you can tailor light levels to best effect.

Who wants to see delegates struggling to see presentations in dim light, or vice versa. Our venues all offer optimum light levels at table-top height to ensure everyone can see clearly.

External noise can be a huge distraction in meetings, so we check the acoustics in all of our venues to ensure your meeting won’t be interrupted by what’s going on outside of the room.

Venues that offer bedrooms appreciate the importance of proper rest and a good night’s sleep. Every room has self-contained private spaces for sleep and rest, with an en-suite bathroom, controllable lighting, climate controls, work areas with a proper writing surface and ergonomic chair plus great internet connectivity, whether Wi-Fi or hard-wired.

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