Committed to Brilliance – Get and Stay Connected

High-speed internet connectivity and cutting-edge technology are essential components of engaging, easy to facilitate meetings, and 59% of event planners predict that their use of event technology will continue to increase**. However, 79% state that Wi-Fi availability and performance is still a big issue for the events industry.

Device sharing should be a doddle and delegates should have fast and uninterrupted access to the internet; by booking an IACC certified venue, you don’t need to worry about ensuring your delegates can easily get – and stay – connected.

High-speed internet connectivity is a must for meetings nowadays so delegates can be online, all the time. Every IACC venue has multi-capacity Wi-Fi of the recommended standard and at a very minimum will offer high speed internet, hard-wired and Wi-Fi. Every IACC member on IACCmeetings.com lists the speeds available in meeting areas.

Most of us have attended a meeting when it’s wasted valuable time getting a presentation up and running on screen. With IACC venues, you can rest assured that won’t happen thanks to cutting-edge technology in event spaces. Every meeting package is inclusive of presentation equipment such as digital projectors and audio-visual display devices which, along with other conference technology, is operated to full potential by skilled technicians trained in creative event consultation.

Every IACC venue events space has sufficient power sockets, signal infrastructure and related design elements to ensure your meeting delegates are never running on empty.

IACC venues’ management teams regularly schedule technology reviews to ensure venues offer technology that remains at the forefront of what’s available.

Unfortunately, ‘tech fails’ do sometimes happen in meetings, but should something unexpected crop up at an IACC venue, tech experts are always contactable directly from the conference and meetings rooms via a dedicated telephone or radio. Technology support assistants will have achieved the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) designation or equivalent.

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