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The link between health, nutrition and wellbeing to productivity and performance is increasingly appreciated and being provided for by meeting venues. It’s also an important deciding factor in selecting a venue. A meal isn’t just a meal after all – it’s an opportunity to make connections, to bring people together – that budget line item is working to do more than just feed and water your delegates.

80% of delegates in a recent report cited appropriate dining as being their number one priority however, 79% of delegates also claim to have been unhappy with a host venue’s culinary offer in the last 12 months. With an IACC venue, you don’t need to worry, as they’re committed to delivering the highest standards of food and beverage for your event. As an association, we support our members with insightful research, education and information on providing for dietary requirements and food and beverage trends, ensuring they remain at the forefront of meeting and event dining.

We understand the importance of variety and flexibility when it comes to keeping your delegates fed and watered and, as a result, content. Key to this is having a good variety of food and beverage both on the day and on multiple days. All IACC members venues provide dining options specifically for meetings at least for breakfast and lunch, plus they provide continuous refreshment service outside of meeting rooms but within the venue.

It is important both mentally and physically to ensure delegates have the opportunity to re-charge and relax during breaks. All IACC certified. residential venues have at least one dedicated restaurant or conference dining area outside of the meeting rooms to make sure your attendees get a proper break. This means our venues can be flexible when it comes to last minute time changes, as food can be constantly refreshed without interrupting you.

Given the unpredictability of meetings and events, we understand how essential it is that a venue is able to accommodate last minute changes like a short notice request for move lunch forward or back by 30 minutes. All our venues provide dining facilities designed to accommodate conference groups on a flexible meeting schedule (at the convenience of the group).

All-inclusive: No-one likes being stung by unexpected costs and value for money is essential. When offered, our venues’ all-inclusive packages include three meals per day for residential packages and our non-residential venues include lunch and continuous refreshment breaks throughout the day.

“When we have to venture out of the Princeton area, the first thing we do in researching other regional options is look into which venues are IACC certified. The level of service we receive from food quality to room usability to staff care is something we can rest assured will be high when we select an IACC conference venue, and it helps make my job in sourcing new venues much easier. ” 

Morgan Silk, Dir. of Curriculum and Training. Center for Supportive Schools.

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