Green Star Certification

Member Announcement - We are delighted to release the updated 2019 IACC Green Star Certification. In this year's survey you will find new standards and a completely new survey for non-residential venues.

To benefit from this important environmental initiative, IACC requires members to either subscribe for the first time or update their past adherence to the Code. The Code of Sustainability is valid for 2 years and renewal is required bi-annually. 

By signing the Code of Sustainability, IACC members agree to support IACC’s Environmental Policy, to adopt the tenets of the code, and to join other members in an association-wide effort to continually strive for greater sustainability.


IACC shall be a leader in creating environmental awareness among IACC member properties and their clients. We do this by communicating the initiatives that we have researched and identified as having a lesser environmental impact; by encouraging IACC members to adopt these environmentally responsible practices into their business operations; and by continuous improvement to our own management efforts; all with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.


IACC has a rigorous Code of Sustainability which includes 60 tenets in the following areas:

IACC monitors and updates the Code periodically in order to ensure that it reflects state-of-the-art best practices. When IACC members sign the Code of Sustainability, they certify that their venue supports IACC’s Environmental Policy and they join with other members in striving for more sustainable, environmentally responsible industry policies and practices.

Members are required to update the status of their adherence to applicable tenets in the Code on an annual basis and IACC offers three tiers of participation. Members that achieve 100% of the Code qualify for the Platinum Tier; those that achieve 85% qualify for the Gold Tier; and those that achieve 75% qualify for the Silver Tier.

IACC is pleased to publish its leaders in environmental responsibility:

To view survey questions and criteria please download the PDF Here

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Why sustainability and eco-friendly practices are essential for today's venue operators

Platinum Tier

CCT Venues (2019)
Chalet RoyAlp Hotel & Spa (2018)
etc venues - 155 Bishopsgate (2018)
etc venues - St Paul's (2018)
High Country Conference Center (2018)
Highgate House Conference Centre (2018)
Johnson Foundation at Wingspread (2017)
San Ramon Valley Conference Center (2017)
Summit Chicago (2019)

Gold Tier

Arden Shisler Conference Center (2017)
Ashridge (2018)
Babson Exeuctive Conference Center (2018)
Balingsholm Kursgård AB (2017)
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity(2018)
Campus Serge Kampf  Les Fontaines (2017)
Center for Automotive Education & Training (2017)
Centre Mont-Royal (2017)
Convene @ 32 Old Slip (2018)
De Ruwenberg Hotel Meetings Events (2018)
Dolce La Hulpe Brussels (2019)
Eaglewood Resort & Spa (2017)
Embassy Suites by Hilton Richmond Conference Center (2018)
Engsholms Slott (2018)
Eric P. Newman Education Center (2017)
Fluno Center (2018)
Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel (2019)
Hilton Denver Inverness (2018)
Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre (2017)
Johnson & Johnson Education and Conference Center (2017)
Kapellerput Conference Hotel (2017)
Kellogg Conference Hotel (2017)
Konventum A/S (2019)
Lane End Conference Centre (2017)
Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center (2017)
MiLgårdarna (2019)
Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF (2017)
Møller Institute (2019)
Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center (2019)
Pharmakon Konferencecenter (2019)
Rizzo Conference Center (2017)
Rönneberga Konferens (2018)
Rungstedgaard (2019)
Runö Möten & Events (2019)
Saxons (2018)
Sigtunahöjden Konferens och Hotell AB (2017)
Skogshem & Wijk (2018)
Stora Brännbo Konferens och Hotell AB (2017)
The Aspen Meadows Resort (2018)
The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel (2018)
Vantage Venues (2017)
Warwick Conferences - Scarman (2017)
Warwick Conferences - Radcliffe (2018)
Make Venues - Woodland Grange (2019)
Woodside Conference Centre (2018)

Silver Tier

Bell Harbor International Conference Center (2016)
Black Canyon Conference Center (2017)
Bryggarsalen (2018)
Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center (2017)
Chase Centre on the Riverfront (2018)
Chauncey Conference Center (2018)
Deloitte University (2018)
Dessert Willow Conference Center (2017)
Dolce Sitges (2019)
Doubletree Palm Beach Gardens (2018)
Edith Macy Conference Center (2018)
etc venues - County Hall (2018)
Hotell Kristina (2018)
NIU Naperville (2017)
Pacific Palms Resort (2018)
Q Center (2018)
Red Rock Resort (2017)
RLA Learning and Conference Center (2018)
Royal College of Physicians (2018)
Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center (2018)
The Lensbury (2018)
The National Conference Center (2017)
Thryv Hotel and Conference Center (2018)



The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.

Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating Program

Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating Program provides you with the assurance that audited lodging facilities have met environmental best practices standards that are required for their rating of one to five Green Leafs.

Green Seal®

More and more companies are recognising that environmentally responsible design and production are an integral part of their mission and the value they want to deliver to their customers. The Green Seal® sends a clear message: we care about improving the health and welfare of people and the planet. As more and more businesses have begun to recognize that environmental priorities can be translated into market advantage, they've turned to Green Seal certification to give them a business edge.

Green Globe Certification

Green Globe Certification is the leading worldwide certification based on internationally accepted documentation formed by Green Globe International Inc. and Green Certifications Inc. Environmental and cultural criteria as well as Corporate Social Responsibilities are aligned with the agreed

international best

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel creates sustainable solutions based on a life cycle assessment and an overall goal to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods.

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