“Bounce – Back – Ability !” – 45 minute webinar with David Hyner

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14 September 2020

The guide to self-motivation and the secrets of emotional resilience and wellbeing.


11:00 am US Eastern Time / 16:00 pm London Time / 17:00 pm Central European Time


In this fun, challenging and inter-active session David will give you the skills and confidence to better cope with the “new world order” that we face, and take control of the overwhelm of minor anxieties and stresses that are facing us all.
  • The THREE things that cause ALL of our stress?
  • How to get a “kick” of energy in a split second… without any calories being consumed !?
  • Why the little things matter most.
  • The 21 day rule.
  • How highly effective people “prevent” stress rather than manage it?
Every webinar attendee (post event) will be able to access 2 x FREE wellbeing video courses worth nearly £40 each !

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