Join Abbit at the Bar! IACC’s exciting new technology partner in Europe Explains MultiHUB – 50 minute webinar

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06 July 2021 - 10:00am EDT / 15:00pm BST / 16:00pm CET

Hello IACC Community, we are Abbit Meeting Innovators, IACC’s Multi POD European production partner for the 2021 Europe Knowledge Festival later this year on 22 October.

Join us and our guests on 06 July and learn about Abbit’s Multi Hub Meetings Concept and what it means for Meeting Planners and Venue Operators. We as Belgian’s are beer lovers,  grab a pint from your own venue bar or kitchen and log on to our session.

We will also have some fun and share with you how to pour the perfect pint and what type of snacks to add to make you long for a second, third, … beer.

Join us for something a little bit different  – an interactive fun session where we will exchange ideas, share knowledge while having some fun.

With over 20 years of experience in online and hybrid meetings, Abbit’s senior Project Manager, Paul Vanherck, will share his vision on how to pamper both the physical and the online participants.

And last but not least, the one and only, Michael Jackson (the other), will add even more detail to the networking and conversational flow of your event. He masters techniques such as storytelling, conversational interviewing and small group discussions.

Your bar keeper is waiting for you!  See you on the 6th……..Cheers!

Abbit Meeting Innovators

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