IACC Denmark Copper Skillet Competition

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Hindsgavl Slot, Middelfart, Denmark

12 December 2021

IACC recognizes the vital role that food service plays in conference centre operations. As a result, we are proud to announce the Annual Copper Skillet Global Chef of the Year Competition. This competition is designed to highlight the artistry and skills of IACC-member conference centre chefs from around the world and to honor their contributions to our shared goal of providing an outstanding conference experience. There are two categories of entry:

1. A senior category (26 years of age and older)
2. A junior category (under 26 years).

Both categories compete in the same cook-off, with the same competition rules.

The IACC Denmark Cook-off will be held on Sunday 12 December 2021 from 16:00.

Questions? Please contact Jakob Buus, jbu@bautahoj.dk