Development, Engagement, and the link to IACC Programs

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23 Oct 18

Development, Engagement, and the link to IACC Programs
23rd October 2018 – 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CET


Shannon Hughes Swayney and Mark Cooper


Do you know the real reasons why employees leave? A recent SHRM study debunked the power of the “Bad Boss” and suggested that managers who enable their employees to carve a path for career development and those managers who focus on development of their people, not surprisingly, have engaged and happier employees. Join this webinar to see how IACC’s Mentor Program can help you, help your employees to grow into careers they love.

Learning Outcomes:

In this webinar, you will

  • Be able to recognize the value of developing your employees
  • Understand the term “engagement” and be able to identify the tie to development
  • Describe the IACC mentoring program
  • Be able to locate additional membership benefits IACC offers

There is no charge for this webinar

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