IACC-Americas Connect – Annual Members Event

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New York City

April 19-20 2016

IACC-Americas Connect 2016
April 19-20, 2016 | Convene Midtown East – New York City 
“Sharing Ideas that Matter!”

IACC has been reimagined.  
Come join us in NYC and be part of this exciting new event concept!

Register for IACC-Americas Connect today and plan your trip to the Big Apple next April. What better backdrop for our new meetings experience than New York City. IACCs first visit to NYC is one not to miss.     

Secure your place at IACC-Americas Connect to learn, share ideas and consider the latest trends and innovations. Experience a new dynamic two-day program, packed full of education following new and traditional themes, including a 2016 focus on:

• Innovative venues and meeting environments using the latest technologies
• Inspiring speakers who will provide you with powerful business insights
• Multi-location/citywide “classrooms” and workshops
• Creative thinking and ideas generation as part of the meeting experience
• 2016 Global Copper Skillet Competition
• Valuable industry peer networking; Together we are Stronger!
• Combine client meetings with your trip to New York City
• Offering lodging options to meet every budget

Visit the IACC-Americas Connect Website today and reserve your place at this not to miss event!