IACC Europe Knowledge Festival 2021

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22 October 2021

1 Event – 3 MultiPOD Locations

This October will be the time for us to come together in support of the return to live meetings; to develop those relationships and to take charge of our future.

This is your chance to experience a hybrid and multi-location meeting in action. IACC will partner with Abbit to bring to you a MultiPOD technology platform which will connect 4 PODs:

  • UK POD – Warwick Conferences – Scarman
  • Sweden POD – Skogshem and Wijk
  • Virtual POD

Each live POD will offer a unique experience for members to attend from near or from afar! IACC venues will play host to each live meeting.

Feel the unity again with IACC colleagues in the other locations, as IACC demonstrates the power of togetherness using leading content and facilitation techniques on a sophisticated technology platform. It is time to engage, learn together and plan for the road ahead.


Registration is NOW OPEN! 
Visit event website  HERE