Overcoming Objections (60 minutes) Sales Webinar

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27 Jul 16

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Overcoming Objections

27th July 2016 – 11.00 am (AET) / 9.00 am (HKT) 

During this interactive webinar we will deep dive into negotiating and how to stay in control to win the business. Being proficient and confident in negotiating will make the difference to the bottom line and securing a profitable outcome.

Key takeaways will be:

  • Using effective communication skills (LEAP) to close the gap between client expectations and realistic solutions
  • Understanding what your client’s value; Having patience to come to a “win-win” solution for you and your client
  • Creating a “win-win” using Quid Pro Quo

Register online today for this 60 minute webinar. This webinar is being run as a trial to gauge interest in IACC online training sessions in the Australia Asia Pacific region. There will be no costs incurred for joining this webinar.

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