IACC Green Star Webinar

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13 Jun 2018

IACC Green Star Webinar
13 June 2018 – 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


During this informative 30 minute webinar, we will focus on the standards to become a certified Green Star conference venue and to position yourself to clients, staff and other stakeholders, as a sustainable and environmentally responsible venue. IACC members agree to support IACC’s Environmental Policy, to adopt the tenets of the code, and to join other members in an association-wide effort to continually strive for greater sustainability.

Key takeaways will be:

  • Understanding the IACC environmental policy statement
  • Understanding the tenents of the code
  • Time frame to achieve accreditation
  • How to complete the survey

Register online today for this 30 minute webinar. There is no charge for this session.

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