How VR plays a role in attracting new talent and retaining great team members (45 minute webinar)

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29 July 2020 - 11 am EST/ 4 pm GMT / 5pm CET


Virtual reality isn’t just for video games anymore — as it becomes more mainstream, this technology is taking over the events industry by storm. From providing clients with realistic design plans to enhancing the live experience for attendees, the possibilities are virtually endless. In this interactive session, we’ll look at how virtual reality can make a difference in your business, as well as in the industry at large.

Key takeaways will be:

  • The power of VR in the sales process and  how you can use this new technology to sell your event vision through a fully immersive experience. 
  • Various ways that VR can support the planning  process and elevate the client experience every step of the way. 
  • How VR plays a role in attracting new talent  and retaining great team members  and retaining great team members. 
  • Next steps for businesses that are ready to take the virtual leap.

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