Weaving Sustainability Into Your Event for Gold-Level Results – 60 minute Webinar

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24 March 2020 - 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


It’s never too late to start your event’s sustainability journey! Join us for an interview with Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC and incoming chair of the Events Industry Council Board, to learn how the IACC European Knowledge Festival embedded sustainability into all aspects of the event’s design and earned a gold-level in the EIC Sustainable Event Standards. This case study includes a mid-course reset, when IACC decided to reposition the entire event towards sustainable education and practices well into the planning stages for the programme. Hear about how they engaged key partners, redesigned the education content, and examined all their event-related decisions through a sustainability lens.

Learning outcomes

– Learn how to successfully redesign an event to incorporate sustainable practices, even if you are in advanced planning stages for your programme. It’s never too late to start! 
– Learn how associations can inspire and enlist support for sustainable initiatives from stakeholders including board members, supplier partners, speakers, and participants. 
– Hear about IACC’s gold-level achievement of the EIC sustainable event standards, including innovative practices that can be implemented in your next event.


Mark Cooper, CEO, IACC
Incoming board chair, Events Industry Council