I’ll Get There in the End – “My motto is, always leave something on the list to do tomorrow.”

We get it, there’s other pressing stuff happening today, right?! You’ll think about VConnect on day 1 and not a moment before. We can work with that!

  1. Watch out for an email to hit your inbox Thursday May 14. Ignore it – in fact, bin it! 

  2. Wait until Friday May 15, you’ll get another email from IACC, this time with the link to access VConnect the following Monday. Don’t bin this one! 

  3. An hour before (OK risk taker, 30 minutes before) the 9:30 am ET start, you can access our Anymeeting.com webcast platform (through Chrome for best results), pivot through the various permissions and pass the tech test. 

  4. Dash for that jar of instant coffee, the show is about to begin!

We can’t wait to Connect with you for a fantastic online program! If you have any questions about your registration or participating remotely, please contact Kate Bacon for assistance.

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