IACC Foundation

IACC formed the Better Tomorrow initiative with the aim to bring together a global community committed to being socially responsible and making a positive impact by setting the highest standards in the meeting industry.  IACC will create the opportunity to take responsibility to improve our efficiency, reputation, legacy and environmental impact through our social practices that focus on three main pillars:  People, Community and Environment.

IACC identifies service organisations that align with IACC’s mission and would assist in the betterment of the future through “giving back”.

We want to align our initiative with charities that have a “connect” to the industry of Hospitality and Events and support their root causes.  It is of extreme importance to select organisations that possessed the priorities of current and prevalent themes of today’s world.

Through this process, we recognise that it is important that charities possess an international presence so that every IACC member would have a better understanding and connection with the organisations and their initiatives.

We are pleased to announce that through this initiative we have agreements in place with the following charities;

  • Event Minds Matter
  • Search Foundation
  • WWF

We look forward to working with these charities and their initiatives throughout the year and collaborating together to support IACC’s mission. Donate online here.

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