IACC Logo Guidelines

Promoting Your IACC Certification

Congratulations on your venue becoming IACC Certified and an IACC Exclusive Meeting Venue, By Design.

IACC venue certification explains meeting planners and delegates that you are curators of exceptional meetings experiences and as a member venue, you should promote your certification as widely as possible.

Promoting your Status on Websites & Other Online Channels

Make it clear that you are a IACC certified venue on your home page by displaying the IACC Certified Venue logo on here.

Adding a hyperlink to https://www.iacconline.org/mtg-at-iacc-certified-venue will take the visitor to a page explaining IACC and the quality standards that you adhere to. Alternatively you can link to your venue directory page on the IACC website (www.iacconline.org/v/*yourvenuename*).

There is no better way to explain the value to buyers of using a IACC certified conference venue, than the buyer explaining the difference. Embed this YouTube video into your proposals and website.

Alternatively, provide a link to IACC’s YouTube Video which explains the unique character of IACC members and venues.

We recommend that in the first few sentences of your Meetings landing page, that you explain that you are a IACC certified venue. Below you will find just two examples of wording you might use to demonstrate your expertise:

Exclusive Meetings Venue, by Design
“The (member venue name) is a certified IACC meeting and conference venue. Achieving IACC certified venue status, is a badge of honor, a clear point of difference and benchmark for what a meeting venue should aspire to. There are less than 400 venues worldwide which meet the exacting standards of IACC and our venue is a member of this exclusive group. We strive to elevate the meetings experience through everything we do.”

Curators of Exceptional Meetings Experiences
“The (member venue name) is a certified IACC meeting and conference venue. The perception of what a meeting should look like and achieve has evolved and we are ready to meet the meet the needs of our clients. The emphasis is not only the quality of our venue, but the quality of the outcome from your meeting. As an IACC certified venue, we go far beyond the norm to create the kind of unforgettable service and connections that are leaving a profound impact on attendees.”

Your IACC certification means something to meeting planners the world over and we recommend that you include this in your listings on other online directories you feature on. Simply refer to yourself as a “IACC Certified Venue” and/or include the logo in your image line up.

You will no doubt have your own brand values and positioning and your IACC certification can can elevate this and help you position your property as a meetings focused venue a customer can trust to deliver an exceptional meetings experience. Make sure that you include your IACC certification in:

  • Your marketing collateral
  • On you Social Media Channels and LinkedIN company pages
  • Your proposals and bids
  • Your sales presentations
  • Display your membership plaque in your lobby

Consider creating a short video highlighting your IACC certification and the uniqueness of your venue.

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