Nancy Lindemer Morgan Named Winner of 2024 IACC Americas Distinguished Service Award

Nancy Lindemer Morgan, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rizzo Conference Center, was presented with the IACC Americas Distinguished Service Award (formally the Mel Hosansky Award) at the IACC Americas Connect conference in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

IACC Americas President Neil Gardner presented Nancy Lindemer Morgan with the IACC Americas Distinguished Service Award (formerly the Mel Hosansky Award) during the 2024 IACC Americas Knowledge Exchange in New Jersey on April 19. Neil recognized Nancy’s scores of achievements and the impact she’s had on the association and on the lives of IACC members around the world.

Nancy has served on the global board of directors since 2016. She is well-known throughout the IACC family, particularly in the Americas chapter, where she’s been a long-standing contributor.

From Creston Woods: “Nancy has been a strong, effective force within the IACC Americas Chapter for 12 years, including 4 years as president. Her tenacity, creativity and enthusiasm have been contagious and will continue to pay benefits for a long time. Thank you for your outstanding service and commitment!”

From Susan ListonNancy is a change agent for good – always seeking the very best for our IACC chapters and its members. She selflessly gives 100% of her time and focuses on leading the Global Board of Directors, including multiple initiatives such as the Standards of Brilliance, marketing plan guidelines, and social responsibility. All the while, Nancy makes it ‘fun’ and rewarding for our staff and volunteers, bringing a high level of energy and enthusiasm to every interaction. Thank you for setting the bar high and leading by example!

Upon receiving the award, Nancy commented, “The IACC community has meant so much to me over my career. The connections made, the educational opportunities and the ability to give back to this industry have been such a thrill. The recognition by the Americas Chapter for this award is incredibly humbling. The vibrancy of this chapter inspires me as I look out at the award recipients before me and the worthy contributors that are making a difference today for the future of IACC.”

Neil Gardner commented on how Nancy’s impact on the association was at its highest point when, during the early days of the pandemic, Nancy stepped up and did all that was necessary to ensure IACC’s long-term viability for years to come by moving our annual conference online and personally co-presenting live with IACC’s CEO Mark Cooper, over 4 days.

What an honor to present Nancy Lindemer with the 2024 Americas Distinguished Service Award,” Gardner stated. “An individual who has selflessly served the organization at both the Americas and Global board level with integrity, passion and leadership for many years, along with large quantities of fun!”

Mark Cooper, IACC CEO, commented, “Nancy is a major influencer not only in the Americas but also in Australia and Europe, having attended many global conferences and leading our global chapter. Nancy is a true friend and has a positive influence on everyone she comes into contact with!”

Mark Cooper and Nancy Lindemer Morgan at IACC Americas Exchange 2024 Annual Conference

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