A Feature on IACC’s On-property Sales Solutions

IACC has partnered with Master Connection Associates (MCA) to deliver bespoke training that is designed to address every nuance of the meetings industry at member properties. These workshops provide a perfect career path for all IACC member conference venues, hotels & resorts who are focusing on growing their business with the benefits of showing the IACC Difference.

Based on specific feedback from meeting planners, event planners and industry specialists, each workshop has been customised to meet the specific objectives of selling a IACC certified venue, hotel or resort versus a typical hotel or other event venue. The sessions will create a common and consistent sales language in verbiage, vernacular, concepts and philosophy.

The IACC Sales Difference is a multi-level series of classroom training workshops designed to provide sales and sales leadership training in a group setting. Mark Cooper, IACC’s CEO commented “What makes these even more unique, is that IACC members can regionally come together and share the expense of the sales training, by running jointly attended courses at a member property. These training courses are available on a global basis to IACC members”.

Many of these concepts can also be trained via webinars, e-learning and vignette sessions which can be viewed here.

Workshops are delivered in a two or three day format. IACC recommends a 6-12 month minimum time span between each course completed. This gives the participant adequate time to effectively apply and integrate new skills to their daily activities.

Prior to all workshops, participants will complete pre-work and be required to take a post work assignment. This will help ensure an in depth learning experience. IACC’s post-workshop webinars support and extend the learning for months beyond the classroom session.

Key workshops in the series:

  • Selling the IACC Difference – baseline essential selling skills development that focuses on selling against the ‘typical hotel’ venue
  • Strategic Positioning in Meeting Focused Venues – strategic selling/negotiations and total account management
  • the IACC Difference – advanced presentation skills workshop which includes how to develop and present webinars as a sales technique
  • Event Sales Solutions – conference planning/event sales for increased profitability
  • Developing the IACC Leader – leadership development

To take advantage of this fantastic training, please contact:
Shelley A. Marlow
Tel: + 1 949.589.6137 ext 107
Cell: + 1 949.374-0796
Email: shelleymarlow@masterconnection.com
(Shelley is on US Pacific Time)

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