A Message from IACC Americas Chapter President Nancy Lindemer

Hello IACC Family.

I am feeling Spring is around the corner and it’s a time for new beginnings. I think this Spring will have special meaning for all of us this year!

Exactly a year ago, I attended the IACC Australia Asia Pacific conference in Brisbane. During that time, I vividly remember the cancellations flooding in for our European and Australia & Asia counterparts, naively remaining optimistic about what we would face in the Americas.

As the plane wheels hit the tarmac on my return, that optimism was quickly squashed as we navigated so many cancellations it made our heads spin. We quickly came to the realization that everything was going to get rough for a couple months, and in a couple of months realizing rough was going to get rougher, we were in for a long haul.

Each of us have faced decisions and situations we could never have dreamed of. But now, here we are almost a year into our long haul, I am feeling the optimism returning.

Every country and every state are operating with their own set of rules effecting meetings returning. The resilience and determination of IACC Americas community throughout, has never felt stronger. Togetherness has never been more important that at this time.

Myself and my immediate team have learned a great deal from IACC’s educational webinars and reopening guides like the recent Re-imagining Breaks Stations and Re-imagining Lunch guides. These all help us ready ourselves to bring people back together in safe and productive ways. It is not going to look like before, but I believe is going to feel better than we remember! Attendees will appreciate meetings on such a different level.

I must also recognize the efforts of the IACC staff, in particular Kate Bacon and Mark Cooper, who in my mind have moved so quickly and expertly to provide all the great material we have been provided and always with enthusiasm and a smile!

Walking into my property last week there was a group of people hanging out just outside the doors, all wearing matching fleece jackets, they thought I might be with their group and they all enthusiastically greeted me. The enthusiasm more significant than I remember before! There it is, a group of people getting together for a meeting, gathering outside for an activity, they all just looked so happy to be together. It has been so long to see a group gathering and bonding, laughing and enjoying being together. I got excited for them – and for our industry!

I know I will be even more excited than normal to see you at the IACC Connect event in July, while we walk the walk and show others the importance of coming together live!

All my best to each of you!

Nancy Lindemer
IACC Americas Chapter President
Rizzo Center

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