Changing of the Guard – IACC Welcomes New President

The IACC board of directors has appointed Sean Anderson as President of the global association. 


Outgoing president, Alex Cabanas of Benchmark, a Global Hospitality Company commented “It has been a worldly and unique pleasure to serve IACC over the last 4 years as president. I’ve always said “you get out of IACC what you put into it” and there is no better way to get the best of IACC then to serve in a leadership role. While bittersweet, it is time to pass the torch to Sean Andersen, who’s been a fellow board member and friend for many years. I wish him and the rest of the board around the world, nothing but continued momentum and success – as well as some Shock & Awe!”
Sean asks fellow IACC members to join him in thanking Alex Cabanas, our outgoing President and IACC’s 1st ever next generation leader, literally. Sean cites “Alex’s father served as president of IACC and is one of the association’s founding members. IACC has realised great success under Alex’s active leadership, and like so many of us, he shares a unique bond with the IACC family.” 
Sean further comments “In the coming months, I look forward to updating you on our strategy and plans for continued growth. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to Get Involved. Make sure to attend your regional events and join the US Copper Skillet in San Francisco – one of the top food destinations in the world. 
I recently attended the 2019 IACC Europe Knowledge Fest where chapter President Lotta Bowman, host property Dolce La Hulpe and a team of amazing volunteers held a successful 3-day conference in Brussels. The event featured a full-day study tour, a highly passionate Copper Skillet European chapter finals, and we all got a chance to experience first-hand the benefits of forest bathing! See what you miss when you don’t Get Involved!

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