Copper Skillet Final Crowns Global Champions and IACC Puts on Food Tour in LA

In what has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events at IACC Connect, six chefs from IACC-Americas, Australia/Asia/Pacific- and European-member venues competed for the Global Copper Skillet. The event served as the final stage in a three-part competition held in phases around the world. United Kingdom and Canada chefs were named as the Global Copper Skillet winners: Mary Palecek, sous chef at Sundial – Woodside Conference Centre, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England, took the Junior Category Copper Skillet; and Kent Phillips, executive chef at Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, London, Ontario, Canada took the Senior Category Copper Skillet.

Mary Palecek, Alex Cabañas and Mary’s winning dish.

Kent Phillips, Alex Cabañas and Kent’s winning dish.

L-R: Paul Witherington, Australia; Shane Hawkins, United States; Daniel Heslesood, New Zealand; Mary Palecek, United Kingdom; Regina Andersen, Denmark and Kent Phillips, Canada.

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