Education Awards at IACC-Americas 2014 Conference

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IACC has always emphasised education as a top priority. To reinforce the extent to which members answer the call of duty in this realm the Americas chapter recognises special commitments to conference centre education. There were new names added to this esteemed list of contributors at this year’s IACC-Americas Conference. IACC-Americas President, TJ Fimmano said, “These two individuals are ambassadors for IACC and our industry and have embodied the spirit and the passion that drives IACC education from a volunteer level to meaningful and substantial outcomes”.

Pyramid Award

Louise Silbermann, Managing Director of the Summit Conference Center in Chicago, received this year’s Pyramid Award—IACC-Americas’ highest educational honour. Louise has served on the ACPC Committee and has been the iconic leader of no less than 8 IACC International Study Tours, conferences and educational programmes. She has also served on the IACC-Americas Board of Directors in 2004 and 2005 and the IACC Global Board in 2005-2007.

Past Pyramid Award Winners

Ron Naples
John Potterton
Joan Eisenstodt
Neil Pompan
Tom Cappucci
Ellen Sinclair
Peter Stockmann
Joe Sebestyen
Wendy Blumburg
Dave Smith
Jeff Loether
Melissa Fromento
Kristin Kurie Wilderman
Tom Cole

Awards of Excellence

One person took home the Award of Excellence in 2014. Rita McClure, VP of Administration for Benchmark received recognition for her outstanding contributions to IACC education. Rita has participated in the organising committees for two annual conferences, the first at Roanoke and the second at Hilton DFW.

Mark Cooper
Company: IACC
e-mail: mcooper@iacconline.org

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