Greetings from IACC Europe President Lotta Boman

After a challenging period, we finally met and our IACC Knowledge Festival returned live!

This October as a Multi-POD solution delivered seamlessly by partners Abbit Meeting Innovators, with two hosting venues, Warwick Conferences  Scarman in the UK and Skogshem & Wijk in Sweden. IACC Europe gathered over 90 participants altogether and the meeting created a feeling of togetherness even though we were spread out over two different countries. Participants from Denmark and France joined Sweden and members from The Netherlands and Belgium joined the UK event.

I think we all agree that face to face meetings are the best format to give us strength and energy for the future! Our challenge now is to build culture, leadership and sustainability along with digitalisation for our business. Thanks to the contributors at the Knowledge Festival, we were able to focus and raise awareness for these important areas of focus. Watch this space for an announcement on the 2022 destination soon.

Now we look forward to the country Copper Skillet finals here in Europe. This time each country winner will participate at the global final in Las Vegas in March at IACC Americas Connect. I bet there are many chefs around in Europe who would die for a ticket in the world final in Las Vegas in March 2022! Visit the Events Calendar to see when your country competition is taking place.

The elections for the European board are now over and we are excited to welcome our incoming board director Maria Griffith from etc.venues. This board will lead efforts to expand membership and deliver new knowledge for the IACC community.

There are still challenges for our industry to handle but we see more light than darkness ahead!

IACC Europe stands strong and we look forward to developing and sharing knowledge across borders. Let’s meet again at our 2022 IACC events, take part in the Global Staff Exchange Program or learn more about IACC Green Star, these are examples of the member benefits you get when you join this fine organisation!

I Look forward to seeing you soon.

Lotta Boman
Chair, IACC Europe

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