Europe Knowledge Festival to Shine a Light on Multi-Location Meetings

Members of the IACC European community will come together again for the first time in 2 years on October 22, 2021, to participate in the chapter’s European Knowledge Festival.

Leading by example, IACC members will not only come together for a live event, but they will do so using MultiPOD, meeting in 4 live locations plus virtual attendance.

IACC members will attend the live meetings in Sweden, UK, Denmark or France, with collaboration and interaction between each location.

Mark Cooper, IACC’s CEO commented “Bringing this community back together again is not only an important milestone on our path to recovery, but also an important way for venue operators to experience the potential for multi-location meetings, as they are likely to play host to this format in the future.

This year’s event will take place on one day, respecting the availability of members at this important time when venues will be rebuilding their businesses and teams.

Each live meeting location will also host the country Copper Skillet cook-off competitions.

Registration will be open in June 2021.

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