Game, Set & Match for the IACC-Australia Asia Pacific 2017 Conference!

The city of Melbourne has been chosen as the destination for the Australia Asia Pacific chapter conference on the 15-17th January 2017.

The conference planning team are preparing to build on an incredible Sydney conference last year and look forward to bringing together long standing and new members to a city preparing for the Australian Tennis Open starting on Monday the 16th of January for a 2 week period, providing the perfect post conference activity for IACC members the world over!

The event will be a multi property program featuring speakers and IACC members from throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and joined by members from Europe and the United States. Chapter president Hendrik Karsten comments “Sydney played the perfect host last year and we are excited to follow up in Melbourne this coming January. It allows our chapter community to come together and share ideas that will help us be more competitive and successful. This year, with the addition of members in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth and Sydney, I am excited that the chapter community is growing and we will be able to provide a forum for learning and networking for our members”.

The conference will be delivered over 2-days with educational experiences focusing on sales and technology.

The chapter Copper Skillet competition will take place at the conference, where the winners will go on to compete in the global final in Los Angles in April.Register today for this stand out conference and don’t forget to tag a few days on to enjoy the tennis!


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