Greetings IACC Community

Summer has passed quickly over here in the US and Europe and the activity and excitement for the last part of 2018 is evident across our chapters globally.  As we prepare to welcome a record number of members and industry colleagues to our next chapter conference, the Knowledge Festival in Lisbon, a sense of possibility fills the air. Our European board and conference volunteers enthusiasm for immersing attendees into a myriad of education, activities and simply spending time together, is impressive to see.

With September’s arrival, we are eager to build on momentum achieved over the past year. Thanks to the efforts of many, IACC is approaching the rest of 2018 with a sharpened focus in areas including development of membership, the quality of our members’ experiences, and enhancements to the programs and services we provide.

There are many noteworthy highlights from the past few months.

IACC welcomes an impressive number of new members from throughout the US, Europe and as far afield as Malaysia, in the last 4 months since our last newsletter. See latest additions in the New Members article.  A large number being from the private/corporate conference venue sector, which is now a considerable community within the IACC global family.

In partnership with the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM), IACC has embarked on a benchmarking excercise which will culminate in a report specifically for marketed and non-marketed day conference venues, due in early 2019.

IACC in Canada recently staged successful Canadian Copper Skillet, along with exhibiting and running meeting planner education sessions at IncentiveWorks Toronto. Congratulations to all involved in showcasing the culinary expertise of the Canadian venues in this client attended event and congratulations to our two winners, Kyle McClure, Vantage Venues and Hannah Glinz, Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre.

We are excited by the imminent release of two new Meeting Room of the Future trends reports, one for Latin America and another for Australia Asia Pacific. Both are hoped will raised IACC’s profile in these up and cpming regions which have significant conference and meetings industries.

I encourage you to take part in the events, conferences, meetings and many different IACC chapter initiatives taking place over the coming months and share in our accomplishments and share your enthusiasm for the future of our dynamic and vibrant industry. We have much to celebrate and many opportunities before us.

As we encourage and inspire the incoming generations entering our industry, including their educational and developmental journeys, let us be steadfast in keeping our mission and vision of developing our teams to their potential in both the working environment and through development available through the special community that is IACC.

Best wishes for a successful end to 2018

Mark Cooper


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