Greetings from IACC Americas President Nancy Lindemer

Greetings IACC community! 

I hope this finds each and every one of you in good health and good spirits! 

As we come to the end of another exceptional year in our lives, it is a time when we can reflect and look forward to a period with friends and loved ones. 

Since my note to you this time last year, new challenges keep coming our way and it has not been easy for IACC Americas members. The relief of the return of business is tainted with the reality of staffing shortages and it has stretched each of our businesses and people in ways we could not fathom only 12 months ago.  

Uncertainty, volitivity, and what seems to be never-ending complexities continue and it makes me ever so grateful to be in this community.  The IACC board of directors, our committee volunteers, and regional ambassadors have been focused on supporting you with the best possible resources to face these challenges head-on and I could not be prouder or more grateful. 

Bringing the IACC family together live and virtually this past July at our annual Connect renewed spirits and the sheer joy of being with each other to share, learn and be inspired was just what we needed!  We jumped right into planning the 2022 IACC Americas members conference, 100% LIVE AND IN PERSON, in Las Vegas in March.  The core values of our Better Tomorrow initiatives are center stage; people, community, and our environment. Each of these values has become the centerpiece of the education and hands-on experiences that are planned for each of you! IACC knows how vital each of these areas is to our industry and our team’s recovery. Connect 2022 is here to provide the tools and inspiration you need.  Don’t miss this Connect, the programme is phenomenal!

IACC continues to adapt and support this community as we grow in our new world and we are so proud of the properties and partners we represent.  We know the difference it makes and are so glad you are here.  

I look forward to facing each step head-on, with you and together! 

Kind regards. 

Nancy Lindemer
IACC Americas President

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