IACC April 2018 Welcome from Mark Cooper

It’s been an incredibly busy start to 2018, with two chapter conferences having taken place, three chapter board meetings, numerous online learning webinars and 3 hosted meeting planner attended events and it is only April!

It is important that we find as many opportunities as we can to bring together the IACC communities and seek out as many opportunities to educate buyers as possible.

We continue with events in Frankfurt, Indianapolis, Mexico and Las Vegas later this year and of course look forward to the IACC Europe Knowledge Festival this October in Lisbon!

The one thing I am constantly reminded when spending time with buyers, is their appetite to seek out inspiring venues never seems to wane. They are just time-poor when it comes to discovering them. This plays nicely into our hands as we make this task easy and as the IACC community grows into new regions and countries, our message becomes more and more powerful. I am thrilled to share that we now have a IACC certified venue in Kuala Lumper, Thailand, growing our Australia Asia Pacific chapter future.

I will close by reminding you that IACC is only effective if we have a strong community and one way you can help us, is to ensure we are communicating our benefits, learning and events to your entire team. Next time we are in touch to update the contacts we hold in our database, please take some time to add a few more of our team to the list, so that we can communicate these to an even wider audience!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Cooper,  CEO

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