IACC Launched Survey Results on Generational Preferences of Meeting Planners at IMEX

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With IMEX Frankfurt as its backdrop, IACC enthusiastically launched the latest results of its European survey that studies the generational preferences of meeting planners.

This new European study followed last year’s Americas study and looked specifically at the priorities Meeting Planners of different generations had and how these preferences shape the selection of meeting and conference spaces.

IACC once again partnered with New York based Development Counsellors International (DCI) to conduct the survey with planners from over 8 European countries. Daniella Middleton, Director of the MICE Division for DCI, and Mark Cooper, IACC’s CEO, presented the survey results in IMEX’s Education Hub.

Key findings from this year’s survey included the following results:

• The vast majority of respondents prefer to receive marketing and sales materials digitally, except for Baby Boomers +66 years who preferred this least. Baby Boomers represented the smallest profile of respondents at just 4%.
• Appropriate meeting space came 2nd only to Location as the top criteria when selecting a conference venue.
• When organising a conference for Millennial and Gen X participants, planners mentioned technology and ease of connectivity as being increasingly important as well as the “cool factor” of the venue.
• More than half of respondents do consider the age of the attendees when selecting a venue, which was not the case in the Americas survey conducted in 2013.

In delivering this year’s survey to IMEX delegates, Mark Cooper concluded that “IACC redesigned the meeting rooms throughout their 350 conference centres situated in 19 countries in order to meet the expectations of Gen X and Millennial delegates”.

IACC’s booth at IMEX was staffed by member volunteers who used the opportunity to promote IACC and their conference centres. At the same time they could educate Meeting Planners on the key differences that conference centres offer to distinguish them from mainstream venues. IACC was also pleased to support the Association Day which took place at the Sheraton Frankfurt prior to IMEX.

Meanwhile in 2014 IACC will step up its presence and participation in industry trade shows, such as Meetings Show London, AIBTM Orlando, IMEX Las Vegas and EIBTM Barcelona.

The education of Meeting Planners will continue to be the key focus for IACC. This consistency within the association’s goals is to increase and strengthen awareness and to grow membership in the association.

The full survey can be downloaded here: http://gallery.mailchimp.com/1f32f11e23e5720231229cf07/files/01fcdd8d-d075-4d6a-ba88-291e8d9edb8f.pdf

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