IACC stages first 60-minute online sales training course

This month over 30 IACC members attended a new IACC sales training course, dubbed bite-size learning. Delivered online in just 60-minutes, this unique style of learning could be fitted around busy sales professionals schedules.

The training was attended by IACC members in the US, Canada and Europe and another training course is scheduled for Australia and Asia Pacific later this month, due to timezone restrictions.

Delivered online by Cindy Novotny, participants reported that the training was unique, that they learned a great deal in just an hour and that the trainer provided some great insights into how to manage your day with prospecting. Another participant cited “the training as delivering time tested techniques with a new focus and approach!”

Another 60-minute training session entitles The Probing Process, Customised Selling, will take place on the 29th June 2015 and can be booked online.

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