IACC’s Regional Event Line Up

IACC’s regional ambassadors have been busy arranging for members to get together and share ideas that matter in 2018. The power of the IACC community is no greater than when our members come together in person and we hope you can join at least of these great events in the coming months.

IACC Europe

4th May or 4th June – European Country at Large Copper Skillet & Members Meeting. Venue TBC.
15-17 May – Frankfurt. Meet IACC members and join IACC’s stand at IMEX.
7th June – UK Copper Skillet, De Vere Oxford Thames. Register here.
18-19th June – Swedish Culinary 2 Day Study Tour, Stockholm. Register here.
19th June – Swedish Copper Skillet and Members Meeting. Skogshem & Wijk.

IACC Americas

June 5 – Kellogg Conference Hotel (Washington, DC). Register here.
June 15 – Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center (Princeton, NJ). Register here.
June 18 – Waltham Woods (New England). Register here.
June 18 – Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF (San Fran). Register here.
July 10 – Chubb Hotel & Conference Center (Pennsylvania). Register here.
July 23 – Summits of Chicago (Chicago, IL). Register here.
August 13 – Mail & Globe Centre  (Toronto ahead of Incentive Works Trade Show) Register here.

For more information on attending or hosting IACC Americas regional meetings please email Matthew at mjones@iacconline.org

IACC Regional Ambassadors come together at IACC Americas Connect to talk member engagement!

Regional ambassadors in the US and Canada met ahead of their chapter annual conference.

Congratulations to the New York/New Jersey region for winning Region of the Year 2018! This region is led by Sara Blivaiss and Cindy McQuaid of the Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center.

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