Jeu Bressers – 2019 Global Distinguished Award Winner

Jeu Bressers from the Netherlands was presented with the IACC Global Distinguished Service Award at the IACC European Knowledge Festival in Brussels. 

Alex Cabanas, IACC’s president recognised the many achievements and impact Jeu has had on the association and members around the world, over a number of years and conveyed what an honour it was to highlight just some of these at the awards dinner in front of Jeu’s peers from across Europe and further afield. 
Alex shared with the conference how Jeu has been a true contributor who in his own way has instilled a love of IACC in so many people with his passion. Jeu was one of the brains behind the modernised IACC and was bold and brave enough to encourage and demand a change when it was truly needed. 
Lotta Boman, European President commented “Jeu is also one of the most welcoming and supportive people you can meet. Always there to offer help and input at every step”. 
Past awardee and past fellow global board member TJ Fimmano from IBM Armonk in New Jersey sent a video message which was shared at the dinner.

Jeu joins an enviable list of past IACC Global Distinguished Service Award Winners; 
Andy Dolce 
Preben Nesager 
Jeffry Farman 
Burt Cabanas 
Steen Broby 
Tim Chudley 
Leslie Vanderzwet 
Peter Stewart 
TJ Fimmano 
Louise Silbermann 
Jeu commented : “It is a great honour to receive the IACC Global Distinguished Service award from my peers who belong to the best in our industry, around the globe”.

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