Los Angeles MPI Meeting Planners Join IACC Members for Meeting Design Workshop

Coming on the heels of the IACC-MPI Alliance announcement, IACC in partnership with MPI staged a California meeting planner session that zeroed in on new and innovative educational formats for meetings. Planners and operators got together for this session to explore trends in introducing meeting formats such as Fishbowl, Spectrogram and Open Space–and the impacts these can have on delegate participation and collaboration. IACC members considered how they could make their venue offering more open to accommodating new styles of meeting formats. “The Exploring Unique Learning Formats was a very informative session allowing me to understand better the types of meetings clients are now booking,” said Katie Schultz, director of sales at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center. “The workshop did a great job in ensuring our understanding of the different formats and giving us time to demonstrate with each other.”

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