Chief Opportunity Officer

Global Performance Institute, LLC


Job Description

Time: Expected 15h / wk however that may be more in the beginning, and less as you get more effective and develop systems that help us achieve better results with less time invested.

Relationship: You’ll be a 1099 and will have wide latitude to determine when / where / how you work. There will be some systems that you’ll be able to use (company email, CRM access, etc) but you’ll initially be considered an independent contractor and your commission will be called

Requirements: Any candidate who wishes to be considered must

Possess superb oral and written communication skills.
Be familiar with and able to articulate the general decision making process for hiring keynote speakers at conferences and events.
Experience in/as one of the following: Corporate Event Planning, Meeting Professional, Association Management, Association Executive, Corporate Communications / PR, Speakers Agent
Candidates without specific experience here, but who feel they possess similar or related skills may be considered

Differentiators: These next items will help you standout and significantly help you succeed

Background in / experience with B2B sales
Direct experience hiring / marketing keynote speakers for mid to large conferences (300+ attendees)

Weekly Responsibilities:

Each week you’ll be responsible for vetting 25 conferences. Using the conference / association website to determine whether this would be a good fit for us to approach. You’ll then identify who at the association / association management company / conference production organization is the decision maker(s) [DM] for speaker / program selection and notate / verify their contact info (name, phone, email). You can use our CRM or an Excel spreadsheet and then my VA will upload the data into the CRM for you.
Each week you’ll be responsible for creating 50 e-mail outreaches to DM’s. You’ll use the information from part 1 (bullet above) to reach out to the DM’s (via email at minimum) The emails / scripts will be pre written and you’ll be asked to customize / personalize them slightly based on information you found while researching the conferences. The goal is to set up a qualified meeting between the DM and Gregory.
Each week you’ll want to set up at least 3 qualified meetings between DM’s and Gregory to ensure you’re on track for your OTI. If you set up 5 qualified meetings consistently, each week, you should be able to earn upwards of 100K in marketing referrals. Once the prospect agrees to and attends a meeting (Zoom) with Gregory the “journey” is complete.

Compensation: 20% marketing fee paid to you for anything booked as a result of your work. Your OTI “On Target Income” should be at least 4K Gross per month after the first 4-6 weeks (ramp up time)

Date Available


If interested, submit résumé to:

Gregory Offner

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