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Job Description

Pyramid Global Hospitality is looking for an energetic strategic leader for the role of Hospitality Services Director – Workplace Hospitality Services, this position will work out of our New York City Hub.  You will have oversight of a team comprised of remote/hybrid and onsite workers operating in multiple U. S. workplace locations servicing meetings, events, and office/desk logistics.  Responsibilities include a strategic partnership with Pyramid top-level leadership in budget development, team training, and engagement programs focused on meeting/exceeding ownership goals while fostering Pyramid culture and ownership philosophy.  If this is what you love to do, let’s connect!

BUSINESS MODEL: “Be the Difference” is our cultural foundation. This culture has allowed us to become the industry’s most experiential hospitality service company, focusing on curating memorable workplace experiences. We maintain an entrepreneurial focus on customizing our approach to each corporate partner. Where every decision is in the Owner’s interest, we can create, build, and support workplace experiences within our Owner’s brand and culture by being an independent operator. This approach has allowed us to become a highly sought-after employer and, therefore, recruit the best talent in the industry. Our support begins with a Hospitality Services Director who is the one point of contact for our entire on-site team and corporate partners. Our support includes the front desk, mailroom, concierge, facility management, food & beverage supervision, help desk, audiovisual support, event/meeting planning, security/access control, high-level catering coordination, and health and wellness activities. In addition, we provide data analysis that supports analysis of workplace & meeting space utilization, employee engagement, and other customized corporate partner metrics.

WORK SCHEDULE:  On-site and Hybrid; minimum 20% travel expectation

As Hospitality Services Director, you will spend your days working on strategic and operational corporate workplace issues while working with Pyramid leadership and corporate partner management to deliver innovative solutions. To be effective, you must make intelligent and informed decisions about people, places, and technology. You will be an essential part of our diverse, talented, highly experienced team and work at the forefront of high-profile corporate partner engagements.

-Identify and develop relationships with industry professionals to generate new business opportunities.

-Oversee and direct the administration and logistics of multiple office locations. Provide leadership to ensure the team is continuously evaluated, developed, coached, or counseled.

-Work to ensure adequate training, morale/recognition, and communication programs. Implement effective control of operating costs across all workplace locations. Establishes and implements realistic and practical operating budgets and forecasts and compares actual operating results with budgeted projections. Is visible and accessible to all team members; attends group and one-on-one meetings; and hosts a regularly scheduled town hall meeting. Meets regularly with leaders to discuss performance and career desires; creates training and development plans.

The measurements of success include employee engagement, corporate partner employee feedback, meeting and & event user feedback, and the satisfaction of performance with our owner/corporate partners.

*Minimum five years of divisional-level management experience in the hospitality industry, preferably at multi-site workplace/business centers with similar scope and service expectations
*Proven strategic leadership and ability to develop/elevate teams
*Excellent ability to communicate verbally and in writing with a diverse team, clientele, and ownership
*Excellent computer software knowledge: Microsoft Office 365, Conference/Event Management Software
*Excellent organizational and preparational skills
*Previous experience with successfully managing financial statements and developing budgets
*Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required

Candidates who reside near the NYC hub location preferred

Submission Deadline


If interested, submit résumé to:

Barbara Minch


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