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Our Environment
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Area of Sustainability: Carbon Footprint of Meetings

Events drive industries and societies. They shape conversations, foster innovation and generate business. They are key to human collaboration.

Our Community
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Area of Sustainability: Food Security

A new partnership initiated out of the need to support low-income community members during the pandemic and to keep UCLA dining employees busy and engaged at a time when the hospitality industry was waning led to a creative solution involving the catering production team that services the Luskin Conference Center and a nearby medical clinic.

Our Community
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Area of Sustainability: Professional development and retention

Those who work at the Luskin Conference Center and Lake Arrowhead Lodge are consistently encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities that will keep them engaged, excited and connected. One of these options is a nine-month mentoring program that pairs mentees with more seasoned professionals. By tapping into the vast wealth of collective work experience at the university, and more specifically in the subject area of housing and hospitality, the program aims to increase team member engagement, develop leadership and teach new skills.

Our People
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Area of Sustainability: Health and Wellness

For team members at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center and UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, there is no shortage of health and wellness programs to participate in. One is the Diabetes Prevention Program, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Diabetes Program (DPP) designed for people who are at risk of diabetes or who have been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, although in rare cases individuals already diagnosed with diabetes have been permitted to enroll.

Participants track their progress through weigh-ins and reporting the amount of exercise they are completing each week. The goal is for participants to lose 5 to 7 percent of their body weight overall and exercise a minimum of 150 minutes per week. Classes are administered in small group settings and focus on nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.

Our Community
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Area of Sustainability: Community giving

In all, we provided about 50 meals for friends in the neighborhood, including city police that found themselves with all the restaurants in the area closed. The remaining food went on to the Sunday Breakfast Mission to help them with their meals, as well.

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