Benefits of Membership

At IACC, we believe in the power of bringing meeting professionals together, wherever they are in the world. Providing the opportunity to share global perspectives, ideas, and innovations that will ignite change within our vibrant global community.

Marketing & Business Growth

  • Searchable and high quality listings within the IACC venue finder which is used by meeting planners globally MPI Global Resources page
  • Participation and promotion in IACC led events, industry trade shows and media

Leadership Development & Recruitment

  • Access to an extensive network of hotel and venue operating professionals, proven to aid those developing their leadership team
  • Unlimited job placements on the IACC Job Board
  • IACC deliver a range of learning and thought leadership related to developing HR strategy
  • Social, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resources through IACC’s Better Tomorrow initiative

Learning & Networking

  • Access to exclusive industry reports commissioned by IACC and leading partners, research papers, annual conferences, webinars and training
  • Global Staff Exchange programmes and study tours to help promote learning and raise the standards of your venue


  • Access to statistical evidence of your property’s performance against other conference venues and hotels.

Culinary Copper Skillet Competition

  • Our highly anticipated and global competition highlights the artistry and skills of IACC-member chefs from around the world and their contributions to our shared goal of providing an outstanding conference experience. Competitions take place at a country, chapter and global level each year.

Social Responsibility Excellence

  • IACC is the leader in creating social and environmental awareness amongst member properties and their clients. Communicating the initiatives researched and identified as having an impact; by encouraging IACC members to adopt these social and environmentally responsible practices into their business operations.

If you are interested to know more about IACC, you can browse a copy of the Benefits of Belonging brochure. To apply for membership, visit the Join IACC page.

Membership Resources