Are you Planning a Meeting at a IACC Certified Venue

Trust Us, We Are The Best!

You can trust a IACC certified venue and the world’s most respected companies and meeting planners choose to place their trust in them and consider them curators of exceptional meeting experiences. IACC standards are the benchmark for what a meeting venue should aspire to by creating a unique point of entry that is inclusive of only the best-in-class meeting venues from around the world.

Quite simply, IACC membership is a badge of honour and to be a IACC certified venue you cannot be a ‘also-ran’, you have to be the very best! The IACC Quality Standards are in place to ensure you have absolute confidence in the quality of the venue and high standards of service, before you set foot through the door and trust the venues team to look after your delegates.

How We Ensure Quality

To become a IACC certified venue, every venue must be able to demonstrate that they have the very best facilities and that all important passion for delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences. The areas a member is measured on include:

  • Priority of Business
  • Meeting Venue Design
  • Conference and Business Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Technology
  • Guest Rooms (for residential venues)
  • Staffing Structures and Professional Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainably

Download the IACC Guide to Quality Standards to understand in detail which facilities and services are measured in order to become a IACC certified venue.

Making Life Easier for Meeting Planners

Transparent pricing and easy delegate packaging. IACC developed flexible meeting packages to to make it easier for planners to budget. There are no surprises at the end of the meeting as these comprehensive and value-driven packages incorporate catering, technology, event planning, meeting rooms and even guest rooms.

Ensuring Productive Outcomes

Through collaboration, IACC venue staff help their customers achieve outcomes from their meetings that improve the performance of their company. As meeting organisers incorporate more and more technology and media into their meetings, IACC venues recognise it is their job to create that important ‘edge’, by providing the best infrastructure and support. IACC venues understand the importance of solid internet infrastructure and trained IT/AV staff needed to support your next meeting.

Outstanding Food and Beverage

The dining and service experiences in the bars and restaurants at IACC venues is a cut above your typical conference experience. Flexible dining, variety and high quality internationally influenced cuisine is at the heart of a great meeting experience. Menus are developed according to the dining environment clients are looking for, from vibrant networking dinners to conference dining at restaurant quality. Delegates wellness is important and you can expect a IACC venue to offer tasty healthy dining option.

IACC Hospitality

You can expect a hospitable environment at an IACC meeting venue, delivered by highly trained and motivated staff. Many meetings today bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds and the hospitality IACC provides is critical to making all feel welcome and catered fro whether it is through the style of food offered or the languages spoken by staff.

Sustainable Meetings & Shared Values

IACC is the leader in creating environmental awareness among its member venues and their clients. We do this by communicating the initiatives that we have researched and identified as having a lesser environmental impact; by encouraging IACC venues to adopt these environmentally responsible practices into their business.

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