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IACC member conference venues operate in over 20 countries worldwide and provide hospitality students with national and international internships. Many students go on to develop exciting careers in the conference centre industry with IACC members.

If you are interested in applying for a IACC internship at a IACC conference venue in any of the 26+ countries IACC has members, please submit your interest here.

Case Study of a IACC Intern

Miguel-Angel Siedi-Kosunen, Kendall College, Chicago.

“My idea after graduating from Kendall College was to work in an environment that would allow me to use all my abilities and skills. I had that opportunity at the Summit Executive Centre. Even though my main role was to handle the front desk, I assisted in F&B functions, marketing, room set-up and more. I truly enjoyed my experience, not only because I personally grew as an individual, but also because the new skills and abilities that I acquired will be beneficial for me in the future. My experience at the Summit Executive Centre exceeded my expectations.”

Louise Silberman, Managing Director, Summit Conference Centre, Chicago.

“I attended a breakfast workshop at Kendall College and was seated next to Miguel-Angel Siedi. I was impressed from the moment I met him. He was eager and enthusiastic about joining the hospitality industry. When I hired him a few months later, I was not disappointed. He clearly was prepared for what it takes to be successful. He understood the importance of customer service and was extremely detail oriented. In the time that he worked for the Summit he left his mark!”

If you are interested in applying for a IACC internship at a IACC conference venue in any of the 26+ countries IACC has members, please submit your interest here.


For many years, IACC has granted scholarships to deserving students in hospitality programs globally and supports a number of initiatives aimed at educating the next generation of industry leaders, to the possibilities that exist in the meetings industry.

IACC’s chapters work hard to deliver a range of initiatives:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Partnering with global Hospitality School’s
  • Student participation at conferences, events and volunteer groups
  • Global Internship Program

Student Scholarships

Currently, IACC’s portfolio of student financial aid programs includes:

  • IACC Conference Venue Industry Scholarship
  • The Doris Sklar Award at New York University

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Annually, the Americas and European Chapter provide hospitality students an opportunity to participate in a industry related research project, which is delivered in person by the students at the chapter annual conference. This provides important learning for students and valuable insights for IACC’s members:

  • Raises awareness of conference centres and IACC to global hospitality students.
  • Encourages student groups to tackle industry issues by developing research and delivering trends.
  • Allows students to participate in learning opportunities at IACC events.
  • Provides IACC members important insights by providing quality research and trends.
  • Encourages the generation of industry leaders to interact and participate in debates and discussions alongside current industry leaders.

IACC Hospitality School Partnership Programme

IACC is proud to be associated with the following Hospitality Schools and to offer direct education and employment opportunities to their students:-


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