IACC’s Social Impact Initiative

Everyone’s Voice Matters

IACC and our global membership community are committed to delivering meaningful social change.

We’re seeing more and more people expect businesses to act with purpose and not just to pay lip-service to the importance, but to implement policies and programs that actually make sense with their business and drive real change.

Buyers and business event attendees are smart. They can immediately see if there’s artifice beneath the work a venue is doing and are more vocal than ever in exposing that artifice. IACC venues approach social impact with a deep sense of our unique perspective and value to the issues we care about.

Maria Griffiths, head of the global task force for IACC comments “The global task force group continues to champion meaningful social change and I am excited to be leading the team where we want to make the power to be heard more accessible. Community has gone global, we are no longer individuals standing alone but a collective. We call for you to participate in offering your amazing stories from around the world celebrating our #BetterTomorrowToday to learn from each other and share insights into your perspectives about people, community, and environment. Through outreach we will offer support to each other as well as our customers and be better equipped to make informed decisions and therefore strengthen our social impact.”

Every IACC member wishing to embrace Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I), will be offered pathways to information through IACC’s Knowledge Hub and education at IACC online and live events. The Better Tomorrow Foundation, funded by IACC venues, will support individuals and groups to grow and make a difference.

Resources & Information

IACC runs a Knowledge Hub comprising of case studies, guides, best practices and suppliers in key aspects of looking after our People, Communities, and Environment.

IACC Supports the Following Industry Organisations in the Pursuit of Social Responsibility Excellence

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